WhatsApp to ‘Destroy’ Skype; Apple, Microsoft Fans Happy

WhatsApp to 'Destroy' Skype; Apple, Microsoft Fans Happy Clapway

After a long wait, WhatsApp launches desktop apps for Mac and Windows. This may make Apple and Microsoft fans happy. Could the launch of a desktop app be the end of Skype? WhatsApp has traditionally been the biggest app for mobile devices around the world. It has proved to be more effective than Skype in multiple ways. If you have both apps on your smartphone, you may know the difference all too well. This could be a big blow for Skype, but Microsoft still has their bases covered even though they purchased Skype for a reported $8.5 billion. Apple, of course, is beside itself, but what does a desktop App mean for FaceTime users.

The WhatsApp Desktop App

With mobile users around the world, WhatsApp has had lasting success since its inception. Facebook purchased WhatsApp in 2014 for $19 billion. And they haven’t regretted the decision and high price tag yet. Launching a desktop app will surely launch the application far beyond its capabilities. People want to stay connected at all times. Having a desktop chime to let you know you have a message is almost like having food and water.

Which is Better, Skype, WhatsApp, or Apple?

If you take a quick glance at the statistics for WhatsApp and Skype, a few big gaps stand out. WhatsApp reported one billion active users in February 2016 while Skype is still hovering around 74 million active users. The average Skype conversation lasts an average of 27 minutes, with only 100 minutes per month. One reason may be that no one calls anymore. This is the era of instant messaging and WhatsApp is free, fast, and reliable. Some Skype users have received their messages long after it was sent.

Microsoft Bitter while Facebook Covering Its [email protected]#

The launch of the new desktop app is great news for Apple and Microsoft fans of certain varieties. Sure, Microsoft may take a hit, but Windows users may find their way to WhatsApp. And the new desktop app may be troublesome for FaceTime desktop on Apple devices. But it may free up FaceTime for more mobile use. Helping Apple and Apple fans alike. The move may also help Facebook recover from the low numbers of Facebook information shared on the social media platform. Skype users may ditch their desktop app, but Microsoft has other rabbits up their sleeve. And Apple may see more FaceTime mobile numbers in the end.