Tesla Fans Choose BMW; What About Mercedes and Nissan?

Tesla Fans Choose BMW; What About Mercedes and Nissan? Clapway

When you think electric car, you probably think Tesla. But potential Tesla fans may be choosing a traditional automaker for their electric-hybrid needs. Automaker BMW has made strides in the electric car race. One big factor BMW has that could sway Tesla fans is the luxury. Tesla electric car models are clean burning and stylish. BMW is no stranger to luxury. They have combined their unique design style with the electric movement. And they are seeing growth in their numbers. Will Tesla always be the industry leader? Mercedes also has a track record for elegance and luxury. And Nissan continues to surprise. Where will Nissan and Mercedes end up in the race?

BMW Electric Movement

The all-electric BMW i3 and hybrid plug-in BMW i8 are exactly the kind of car that could rival Tesla design and innovation. Electric cars now account for 15 percent of BMW sales in North America. And 10 percent of brand sales. BMW sold roughly 4,500 electric-hybrid cars last month. That accounts for 2.5 percent of the company’s global sales. Making 1 out of every 40 BMWs sold electric or hybrid. The i3 model is BMWs best bet at going head to head with the Tesla Model S as of right now. However, the new models from other automakers could shake things up a bit.

Tesla Model S vs. BMW i3

Tesla leads the electric car industry. No one denies it, and every automaker is trying to change it. The Model S is one of the company’s best electric cars. It is not only the safest car ever made, as far as the tests go. It combines luxury, speed, and range. The BMW i3 could be compared to the Model S. The i3 is roughly about the same price as the Model S, depending on engine upgrades. The i3 exterior is sporty, just like the Model S. However, the i3 interior goes much farther than Tesla. Open pore eucalyptus and olive tan leather is sure to entice customers. But the Model S P90D engine is an innovative masterpiece. You can go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds.

Does Mercedes and Nissan Have a Chance?

It feels like Tesla and BMW have the sport-luxury electric car market pretty much in their pocket. But what about Mercedes and Nissan? Mercedes cars are known for their prestige and luxury. According to reports, Mercedes has big plans to take the electric market by storm. They will release the first of four Mercedes electric cars in 2018. Nissan, on the other hand, is having electric success with the Nissan Leaf. It is advertised as the 100 percent electric family car. Nissan appeals to the lower market, keeping things simple. Which is smart, because not everyone can shell out $70,000 for a car.