iPad Pro Sexy Pencil Drawing: 5 Reasons Apple Fans are Happy

iPad Pro Sexy Pencil Drawing: 5 Reasons Apple Fans are Happy Clapway

The iPad has come a long way since it first became available to Apple fans. It has progressed with the same innovation Apple fans expect from the iPhone designers. A new iPad Pro video published on YouTube by MrDreadrider shows the iPad in a sexy way. Using an Apple Pencil and iPad Pro, MrDreadrider does what every artistic minded person would do. Create a sexy sketch of a woman’s back business. The video is in Japanese, but you can still get a glimpse into the awesome features of the combined innovation.

Apple Pencil is Awesome

The Apple Pencil looks like a white eraser from a middle schooler’s backpack. But it is so much more. It has the feel of a real pencil. And it works like a real pencil as well. It may not have the characteristics of a real artistic pencil used for sketching. But it does the job pretty well. In many ways, it is like drawing on a regular piece of paper, but better.

You Can Choose Pencil Thickness

A drop down box with several types of drawing thickness and shading is available to iPad Pro users. This is almost as sexy as the picture MrDreadrider draws for YouTubers. It has the usability Apple fans love.

Erase With Your Finger

If you always wished you could erase designs in a PowerPoint or Keynote slide, you should get an iPad Pro. It allows users to tap an icon at the top of the screen and gently erase unwanted lines with a swipe of the finger. You can also use your finger for shading. Just like art class.

Full iPad Color Spectrum

Once users have a good looking, sexy sketch of a perfectly round bottom, it’s time to color it in. Unless you are a black and white kind of artist. A tap of the screen brings up a circular color spectrum you can play with. Getting the perfect shade of tan for your drawing’s sexy curves. At least that is what MrDreadrider did.

Get as Sexy as You Want

The Japanese artist in the YouTube video did what most young adults do. Draw a bountiful butt in underwear. Or maybe it was a sexy bathing suit bottom. Regardless, it was pretty cool to watch the sketch unfold in less than 15 minutes. The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil can take your illustrations or hobby to another level. Whether it is sexy or not.