Best Selling iPhone 6 Sofa Arm Table: 5 Reasons Apple Fans Enjoy the Product

Best Selling iPhone 6 Sofa Arm Table: 5 Reasons Apple Fans Enjoy the Product Clapway

Apple fans have been rejoicing over the new SOTA laser cut sofa arm table. This iPhone inspired product is enjoyed by Apple fans, and for good reason. Besides the SOTA sofa arm table’s features, the price tag is inviting as well. Imagine having a sofa arm table that will keep your iPhone secure and upright, as well as your drink. Putting that generously poured glass of wine, or hot coffee on your sofa’s armrest is risky. Balancing your beverage of choice while browsing is also a recipe for disaster. You deserve to relax, not end up cleaning wine stains out of your carpet. The SOTA sofa arm table is the solution for everything. From design to functionality, Apple fans are loving the SOTA.

Custom Fit for Your iPhone

The SOTA sofa arm table offers a custom fit for your iPhone or another smart device. It is equipped with a holder positioned perfectly for browsing, messaging, or getting some FaceTime in. This frees your hands up for an adult beverage or the TV remote. The SOTA is customizable for devices with a thickness measurement fewer than 9mm, or from 9mm to 12mm. Great for your iPhone, Android, or Kindle.

Colors For Any Home or Sofa

The SOTA is not only tech savvy. It is also has a pleasing aesthetic look for any room in your home or even office. It comes in three great colors that won’t stand out, or be too subtle. You can choose from light walnut, dark walnut, and natural wood. Each SOTA sofa arm table is hand finished for that personal touch of elegance and usability.

Seamless Sexy Apple Design

Apple has been known for their seamless design. The iPhone 6 was no exception. And the iPhone 8 may be breaking records for design in 2017. The SOTA offers you that same seamless look for your sofa. Its brown felt keeps it in the perfect place. While its wood finish shines under the atmosphere of your home. It is sexy if you are into hard wood. Apple fans of the Northwest would really get inspired by SOTA’s design.

Master Your Multi-Tasking

With a flat and solid surface securely in place on your sofa’s armrest, you are free to multi-task. This will come in handy if you like to get things done on your sofa. Maybe you are reviewing a new movie script, or working your way through your dissertation. The SOTA keeps your iPhone snug and upright for easy viewing. And ensures your cup of coffee is at the ready when the hour gets late.

The SOTA is Priced Right

You can have a flat surface for you coffee, a magazine, and a great upright holder for your iPhone in a few days. The shipping is fast and the price is great for the product. The SOTA is on sale this month for $45, from its original price of $56. Get your SOTA sofa arm table and accessorize your Apple iPhone with 100 percent relaxation.