NASA Captured Alien Structures on Pluto on Camera

NASA Captured Alien Structures on Pluto on Camera Clapway

NASA’s New Horizon’s spacecraft has been delivering images from Pluto and its surrounding moons. Initially, these highly compressed and potentially altered photographs don’t seem out of place but with a little photographic skill, one UFO hunter may have uncovered evidence of alien structures on the dwarf planet


NASA critics have always attacked the agency for editing photographs. This even dates back to the original moon landing. They claim that NASA gets creative when releasing photos to the public. Editing tricks like compression, inversion and even just flipping the image upside down have been fooling us for years. Apparently, they are up to their old ways once again with photos from Pluto. The highly doctored images aren’t easy to make out. However, one ambitious individual took to cleaning them up. What he found was quite remarkable.


By stripping down the Pluto images to their original pixels and then placing them in a 3D environment, Youtube user Rick James (no relation) was able to create beautiful images of Pluto’s surface. The result is a series of tall, building like structures on the planet. What’s, even more, suspicious, is these structures seem to resemble alien buildings some think exist on the moon and also on Mars. If this happens to be true, it means NASA has been hiding alien bases on at least three planets in our solar system. Who knows if there’s even more.


The fact that this NASA incident came days after another coverup, is quite curious. The agency is allegedly hiding giant holes at the north and south pole. These alien portals are thought to be an entrance into the center of Earth. Here, alien life might have a colony set up. With these latest findings on Pluto and other planets, it’s quite possible that aliens exist elsewhere. Some think they may even be in power. The governments of the world are working together with them and keeping us in the dark. For how long we will succumb to their lies is unknown. The cries of paranoid UFO hunters are starting to make a bit more sense.