Crashed UFO Captured on Camera; Government and NASA are Lying, but Photo is Not

Crashed UFO Captured on Camera; Government and NASA are Lying, but Photo is Not Clapway

A picture of a truck hauling an oversized load through Arizona was released on March 4, 2016. Normally, one wouldn’t think twice of this picture. However, the image has gone viral due to the weird shape of the object covered up. It has an odd resemblance to that of a UFO. Photos aren’t the best way to get the truth so perhaps NASA and the government were available to comment.


When Arizonites aren’t busy melting in the desert heat or selling turquoise jewelry, they are reporting UFO. This photo taken by Arizona resident Charlene Yazzie is unique to the hordes of other reports we usually see. Instead of capturing a blurry UFO flying in the air, Yazzie seems to have caught one under a tarp, on the back of flatbed truck. Further adding to the suspicion, the truck seems to be followed by black, government vehicles on Arizona State Route 77. Seeing as the object is covered up, it’s tough to say what it is. To clear things up a bit, the Department of Public Safety was available to comment.


According to Yazzie, the black government vehicles shown with the truck belonged to the Department of Public Safety (DPS). A local Arizona news station decided to contact the DPS to get an answer but they were met with a dead end. The DPS claims they do not know what the object is but it looks “interesting”. As one can imagine. The government response sparked outrage amongst UFO hunters. According to them, this is further proof of NASA and company taking the American citizens for fools.


According to UFO hunters, the higher-ups of NASA and other government agencies were transporting an alien ship to Area 51 in broad daylight. The fact that they have been caught and won’t admit it leaves many in disbelief. Conspiracy theorists are certain that the military and NASA have recovered spacecraft like this in the past. Furthermore, they are working on multiple secret bases in order to get a handle on the propulsion technology of the spacecraft. These activities are thought to explain NASA’s rapid advancement in space travel dating back to the 1960s. It Will be interesting to watch the agency in the coming years. If they somehow pull a new Mars rocket out of nowhere, at least we know where to look now.