Putin Kissing Up to Elon Musk and ‘Goes Tesla’; Will China Join?

Putin Kissing Up to Elon Musk and Goes Tesla; Will China Join? Clapway

Tesla Hyperloop news has been slowly inching back into the media. Most of the new Tesla Hyperloop news is shadowed by SpaceX accomplishments. Russia, however, hasn’t forgotten about the Hyperloop. And Russian President Vladimir Putin may be kissing up to Elon Musk very soon. Putin has plans to make the super pod train a priority to efficiently connect the far ends of Russia better. And Putin can also get it done for about half the price. The Hyperloop makes perfect sense for large bodied countries. Will China begin snuggling up to Elon Musk soon as well?

Can Putin Build a $12 Billion Hyperloop

Russian Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov said the country is ready to build the Tesla super pod train in a recent press conference. Sokolov and Putin not only plan to build it but for much less. They claim that the estimated $21 billion project can be completed for roughly $12 billion. The first Hyperloop will connect Moscow and St. Petersburg, a distance of around 650 kilometers. If successful, officials from Russia hope Tesla tech will connect all edges of Russia in the future. Putin has also been a busy boy looking for funding. The global economic service operator Gordon Atlantic will back the project.

Tesla Tech has Begun in Russia

Gordon Atlantic has funded the opening stage of the project. This stage has already put the project underway with magnetic levitation testing. The Tesla tech success by Russia is also very transparent. The magnetic levitation platform and the container are on public display in St. Petersburg. The funding by Gordon Atlantic has allowed Russia to make Tesla tech a reality. However, this reality will require more money by backers in the future. There may even be a Hyperloop partnership in the making. Rumors of Russian Railways and Hyperloop One working together have also surfaced. Putin is happy, but will China try to beat Russia to the finish line?

Will China Show Elon Musk Love Too?

Elon Musk has been a pretty busy guy lately. SpaceX aims to launch a s**t load of rockets into space by the end of the year. And they are still finalizing their 2018 unmanned launch to Mars. China, however, may want some alone time with Elon Musk very soon. The Hyperloop makes perfect sense for large countries. That is why Elon Musk wanted to build one nearly the length of California. China has a lot of major cities spread throughout the country’s land mass. The Hyperloop could make travel far more efficient and effective for China. It could also help cut the pollution down by a lot. Will China go green like Russia?