Cops and Robber to Destroy GTA 5: 5 Things Making Xbox One Fans Happy

Cops and Robber to Destroy GTA 5: 5 Things Making Xbox One Fans Happy Clapway

If you act fast, you can play a new futuristic “Cops and Robbers” Xbox One game free. Xbox fans are waiting for Microsoft to announce news regarding a lot of games, including the new Crackdown. But while they are waiting, they can play All Points Bulletin: Reloaded for free. There was a slight delay in the APB: Reloaded launch, but now Xbox fans can play the futuristic cops and robbers game online for free. This may cause other similar cops and robbers games like GTA 5 to take a big hit in sales. What else is making Xbox fans happy?

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Sign Up Quick for Bonuses

Xbox fans that sign up for the free online play of APB: Reloaded will also get more bonuses. You will need to sign up and log in within the first month, or before its initial patch to get the good stuff. You won’t get any bonuses playing GTA 5.

GTA 5 Influenced by All Points Bulletin

That’s right, if there was no All Point Bulletin game, GTA 5 may never have existed. This is because developer David Jones was the original producer of Grand Theft Auto. Jones also founded Real Worlds in 2002, the company responsible for Crackdown and All Points Bulletin. If you are a GTA 5 fan, APB: Reloaded is like buying vintage records, or Nikes.

It’s Xbox Exclusive

APB: Reloaded is currently only available to Xbox fans. Sorry Sony. They will launch it for PlayStation, but after its first patch hits for Microsoft. This is also true for the PC version as well. The exclusive launch may take some attention from GTA 5 as well.

Avatar Placard

If you play All Points Bulletin: Reloaded for 10 or more hours, you will get a placard for your avatar character. You can also get some weapon skins exclusive the game as well. This is making GTA 5 fans worried, and Xbox fans super stoked.

New Weapon and Vehicle

When you log into APB: Reloaded within the first month or before the initial patch, you will get a super cool new weapon. The weapon, the Fireworks Flare Launcher, is special, and accompanies a new vehicle too. The vehicle is the Mikro JC14 New Cross is also pretty amazing. The weapon and vehicle are available to all players, regardless of time spent on the game.