Two Men Captured Alien Airplane on Camera; Government Lying about UFO

Two Men Captured Alien Airplane on Camera; Government Lying about UFO Clapway

Two men recently captured a stealth-like UFO on camera. While some might mistake it for a drone or a blimp, alien researchers out there think it might just be another piece of evidence on the long list of government coverups.


Despite their vast experience in the field, even UFO researchers are confused about this mysterious alien craft. Judging by the video posted on YouTube, it’s clear to see that this object is far from normal. The UFO does not appear to have any wings or propellers. It even moves in an abnormal fashion. If an alien like this has made itself so obviously known to the world, many are questioning why anyone hasn’t made a formal statement.

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According to UFO researchers, the government has always pretended to be uninterested in sightings. While they delicately maintain this facade, the real truth lies behind the scenes. Many gather that government agencies are in fact paying close attention to all reported UFO sightings. There are top-secret programs in place to study these reports and even interview credible witnesses. These witnesses have come forth in the past about alien encounters as well as a government follow-up soon after. Still, the agencies continue to deny their role in the matter. Why they continue to keep humanity in the dark about a potentially dangerous entity is anyone’s guess.


If an alien is a threat, it would seem like the government should find that out. The U.K Ministry of Defense couldn’t agree more. Apparently, the U.K released classified documents in 2012 urging world leaders to investigate aliens as a “matter of priority”. They believe we should find out if these beings exist and if they pose a threat to the world. If they are devices of this Earth, then it’s time for their creators to come forth and put this skepticism at rest for our own mental stability. It’s getting increasingly difficult for governments to deny the existence of aliens. They time for them to come clean is approaching.