Scientists: Aliens live inside the Moon

NASA Email about Aliens on Europa Leaked Scientists: Aliens live inside the Moon Clapway

According to some scientists, the moon is not a natural satellite rotating around Earth but actually an artificial one. Furthermore, some believe that beneath the lunar surface is a hollow society developed by aliens. Of course, no proof of this exists yet but the evidence continues to grow.


There are various conspiracy theories out there but per pass one of the most interesting is the Hollow Moon Hypotheses. In the past, some have thought Earth’s satellite was made of cheese or maybe not even real at all. Scientists have easily dismissed those ludicrous claims but the concept of the hollow Moon is beginning to gain traction. Unlike past conspiracies, there seems to be some evidence dating back to the Apollo missions of the 1960’s. According to NASA scientists, massive reverberations, like that of a ringing bell were felt for hours on the lunar surface. Obviously, such vibrations are never felt on Earth so it has definitely raised suspicion. Of course, NASA continues to deny any such incident, however, if it’s true, perhaps they are hiding something inside.


So if the lunar satellite is, in fact, hollow, one of the first questions scientists would have is “what’s inside”? Perhaps it’s merely a vast sphere of emptiness. Others seem to think otherwise. The belief that aliens reside in the moon remains to be a popular one. Apparently, these aliens are survivors from a distant galaxy who came to our solar system years ago. They came across our planet Earth and thought it was a good place to observe primitive life as it grows. They saw the moon as the perfect place to set up a colony so now, they hide in our midst watching our every move for the benefit of knowledge. If that sounds bizarre, it gets stranger.


The lunar spaceship theory was the idea of Soviet scientists from the 1970’s. According to them, aliens actually created Earth’s satellite themselves. This advanced civilisation of aliens then flew the spacecraft and conveniently parked it in Earth’s orbit. Some say this theory is supported by the lunar craters. They are usually quite shallow, suggesting that there is some hard, inner shell keeping them that way. Until anything is proven, that glowing orb in our night sky will continue to be a strange mystery. The best that believers can do is await further evidence.