Girl Pissed Her Pants After She Saw UFO; Footage Released

Girl Pissed Her Pants After She Saw UFO; Footage Released Clapway

New UFO video from Cleveland, Ohio leaves one girl completely at odds. The incident was so frightening that she may have even pissed her pants. Have you ever seen a UFO? If you have, you may share this girl’s wet experience. It would be pretty wild to see an alien spacecraft hovering over your hometown. The footage, however, may not be so alien official as the video made it seem. The Ohio flying saucer may be another alien hoax. Hoax or not, one girl may be having alien dreams for some time. And this is not the first incident in Ohio.

Girls Go Pee-Pee When They See UFOs

Are aliens using their secret tech to make Earth girls lose their minds? Maybe this UFO had the Notorious BIG onboard. Or Maybe R. Kelly? The video really isn’t much cause for concern. It was posted on YouTube channel Top10Trending, a channel with fewer than 10,000 subscribers. You may be able to make out a flying saucer, but it really is hard to say if this was a real sighting or not. Even believers may feel like this footage is abstract. Ohio, however, is no stranger to alien activity.

UFO Crop Circles

There have been plenty of UFO crop circles in Ohio between 1996 and 2004. The official website of Colin Andrews, a crop circle aficionado posted several images of Ohio crop circles by Chris Steele, possibly the owner of the images. These crop circles are definitely noteworthy among all UFOlogists. Many of them are very detailed. One crop circle found in Paint Creek Bainbridge has several detailed swirls and images in it. It would be quite difficult for a board farmer to create such art over a weekend.

Government Employees Speaking Up

A very recent article published in the Huffington Post detailed an interview with former government employee Christopher Mellon. Mellon had been working in various government security positions for nearly 20 years. And now he is speaking up about the many UFO conspiracies associated with the government. To the dismay to believers everywhere, he told reporters that the government is simply not that interested in UFOs. Mellon had visited Area 51 and had participated in several black projects, but UFOs were never a main topic of discussion. He did note that UFOs do exist, and they have interacted with Earth on several occasions, despite cover-ups.