CIA Helps Minister of Defense to Meet Aliens in Canada

CIA Helps Minister of Defense to Meet Aliens in Canada Clapway

Former Minister of Defense for Canada, Paul Hellyer, shared a story about aliens and CIA cover-ups. The story came from a former Chief of Emergency Measures who was dying of a chronic condition. The dying official told Hellyer the CIA let him tour a UFO at Area 51. Hellyer shared the story about aliens at the Hearing on ET Disclosure on June 25. The hearing was at the Alien Cosmo Expo, held in Canada this year.

Why did the CIA let a Canadian government official tour an Area 51 UFO?

The Canadian official may have told Hellyer his story due to Hellyer’s own experiences with aliens. Hellyer served as Minister of National Defense between 1963 and 1968. He also served as Deputy Prime Minister in 1969. During his career, Hellyer said he saw evidence of aliens. The CIA is well known for “cloak and dagger” secrets, so why unveil an Area 51 UFO to a Canadian? The dying man gave Hellyer a detailed story of his time spent touring top-secret Area 51. The official said that the CIA simply wanted Canada to be ready if a UFO crash happened in their country.

The recent CIA story could be cause for full disclosure about aliens from top U.S. officials

Hellyer said he was given the full Area 51 report because the dying former official felt he was a good one to tell. Hellyer also said the current Chief of Emergency Measures would have the same access. It seems most governments know about aliens and UFOs. Area 51 has always been the pinnacle of UFO conspiracy theories. These conspiracy theories, however, gained ground after U.S. officials admitted to the existence of a secret facility in 2013. Despite the government’s shyness about aliens and UFOs, the truth may be rapidly approaching.

When it comes to secret UFO tours at Area 51, who can you trust, the government or dying ex-government officials?

There has been a lot of UFO sighting videos and talk about aliens these days. It could be because of the recent space race. Or this space alien stuff is real. The CIA will most certainly never admit or comment on anything. Want more answers to the CIA’s history of deception? The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception is a must read. Authors H. Keith Melton and Robert Wallace showcase the issue. And they have the experience to talk. In fact, Melton is a former CIA gadgeteer, and Wallace a spycraft historian. The spy inspired paperback is available on Amazon for $10.27.