U. S. Air Forces to Destroy Alien Bases on Dark Side of Moon

U. S. Air Force to Destroy Alien Bases on Dark Side of Moon Clapway

U.S. Air Force photo technician exposes the truth about alien bases on the dark side of the moon. Karl Wolfe left his U.S. Air Force post at Langley more than 30 years ago, but he is finally speaking out. Wolfe had access to the moon photos, and claims he saw structures in the area of the dark side of the moon. Why is Wolfe speaking out now? China has plans to probe the dark side beginning in 2018. Could knowledge of alien structure there be the reason why?

Witness account of alien moon bases mounts with new U.S. Air Force whistleblower

Karl Wolfe is not some UFO maniac looking for YouTube monetization. He is a former Director of Intelligence for the U.S. Air Force’s Tactical Air Command in Langley, Virginia. This fancy title may not sound too moon alien in nature, but it was the center for data and pics from the NASA Lunar project. Wolfe, the lunar base whistleblower said he saw proof in those Lunar Orbiter photos. He was one of the only two specialists with the clearance to see such images. Wolfe saw plenty of photos, including images from U-2 spy planes as well.

The government has known about lunar bases since 1965, and the 1969 lunar mission

Wolfe described the day he came across the alien lunar images at Langley. He said that his supervisor, Staff Sergeant Taylor told him they were having issues with some equipment one day. And this just happened to be the equipment for the first lunar orbiter program. The images were from 1965 and 1969. The photos were enhanced and showed structures on the dark side of the moon, noted Wolfe. He also said that a high-priority group of scientists and officials were present that day, consequently leading to his suspicions.

China knows about dark side alien structures and plans to make contact in 2018

The recent announcement of Wolfe’s lunar base account may have something to do with China’s 2018 lunar mission. China plans to probe the dark side of the moon and make a possible soft lunar landing. The Chinese Change-4 lander may make a soft landing on the backside of the moon and begin patrolling. Will this lead to alien contact?

Pink Floyd knew about lunar aliens on dark side and tried to warn us

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