Over 6 Security Guards Saw Alien UFO by Casino

Over 6 Security Guards Saw Alien UFO by Casino Clapway

Casino security guards scrambled to capture an alien UFO flying by in Florida. The video is absolutely unreal, and it is evidence that we are not alone. YouTube channel Blast A posted the video of the alien UFO. More than six security guards and a large group of people at the casino saw the spacecraft up close and personal. It appeared to be circling the people, possibly attempting to abduct them. What was once sci-fi, is now a reality.

Alien UFO circles a casino as onlookers run to capture the spacecraft before it flew away

More than a dozen people ran toward the railings of a waterfront casino to catch a sight of an alien UFO. Do aliens like to gamble? The spacecraft was everything a UFOlogist could hope for. It looked like something right out of a sci-fi movie, and it blasted by onlookers. The spacecraft was within feet of the people, but the aliens didn’t harm anyone in the flyby. Security guards tried to warn people, but no one listened. Without fear of being sucked up and probed, the people actually ran toward the spacecraft.

Was the spacecraft an alien UFO or a secret government “black” project?

This is not the first alien UFO spotted in Florida. The people at the casino who captured the spacecraft were indeed lucky, but was the spacecraft from aliens? A triangular spacecraft was spotted earlier this year near Merritt Island in Florida. The report came from a man and his four daughters. The spacecraft was triangular and the family even made a model of it. The island is near Patrick Air Force Base, and the spacecraft may have been a secret “black” project.

The Alien UFO flyby at the casino was by grey aliens who are known to talk with people

A woman in Florida released photos of grey aliens she said, talk to her. She said she has been in contact with them since 2015, and other people near her home have had the same encounter of the third kind. Was the alien UFO at the casino controlled by these grey aliens? It seems like there is a lot of space activity in the orange state. This could be due to NASA’s presence there.