Minecraft PS4 Edition: 5 Things you didn’t know

Minecraft PS4 Edition: 5 Things you didn’t know Clapway

Despite efforts by Microsoft, Minecraft glitches for PS4 still exist and gaming fans are happy. Some of the glitches for PS4 are average, but some are pretty amazing. YouTube channel Skippy 6 Gaming uncovers some of the latest Minecraft glitches and we put them to the test. Here are five glitches you didn’t know about.

5. Secret Chest Glitch in Minecraft Bookshelf Keeps PS4 Fans Reading

The secret chest glitch is an easy one to find since it is located in the Minecraft bookshelf. This glitch can be a little directional, but PS4 fans can play with it a bit and get the secret chest. All you need is a sticky piston, a lever, mine cart, chest, rails, and bookshelf.

4. Minecraft Custom Nether Portal; sorry PS4 fans, but this glitch is not available for survival

First, you want to build two Minecraft nether portals and then light them up. It is a good idea to make your two portals across from each other so you don’t get stuck or have something else weird happen. Once your portals are made, bust a block and boom, you are transported. Again, sorry PS4 fans, this will not work for survival.

3. Now you can see the void in PS4 Minecraft maps

To see the void in your Minecraft PS4 edition, you will want to create a new world and make a super flat. It really doesn’t matter how you create your new world, it will take a few times to get this glitch down anyways. You will want to create your super flat in a certain way using bedrock, you have plans, and villages are enabled. Once made, find a village and then find the void.

2. Get the only x-ray glitch that works for Minecraft; this is certainly awesome

First, head to the map’s floor and dig your way down. Pop out two blocks and place a bed into the hole. The next step for this awesome Minecraft glitch is either wait for a night if you’re on survival, or you can turn the lights out for this glitch to work. Once it’s night you simply lie in the bed and experience PS4 x-ray vision.

1. The glitch that works only on PS4 is the duplicate anything glitch

Yes, this glitch is so amazing it only works on Minecraft PS4 edition. This glitch has been around for a while, but it is still hot. You simply create a chest, open the chest, and fill it with anything you want. Get your hands on weapons, armor, and all the stuff you want or need. Want to try out these super sweet glitches? You can get Sony Minecraft on Amazon for $14.99, a 25% off discount.