3D Tech In New Online Casinos

3D Tech In New Online Casinos

For the last few years, it has a major trend that everyone is going crazy for 3D technology. With gaming consoles like the 3DS gaining steam, as well as 3D TVs, everyone wants a slice of the action. This technology seems set to be coming to an online casino site near you, as pundits pick up on the hottest new thing in the industry.

Games always create some of the biggest hype and help to innovate new features. Nintendo is well known for doing just that, with motion controls, 3D tech and mobile consoles. Their successful use of new technologies means that where they lead, others in the gaming industry tend to follow. Online casinos have been attempting to capture this magic by bringing in their own versions of 3D games.

Because of the saturation within the iGaming industry, there has been a significant amount of investment into the market. This means that new technology can really thrive here, as there’s an appropriate budget for it. Often when industries don’t have the cash flow to put a new technology into action it fails because there isn’t sufficient research money to make it work.

Gambling now makes up for a huge sector of the economy in the UK, with millions spent in the industry each year. There’s no question that they have the capital to fund such a venture and it will most likely be a race to the finish for developers to get there first. Some are already experimenting with lesser forms of 3D, like parallax technology which gives more depth to the screen. This is a step in the right direction but it’s not quite the 3D experience that most people think of.

The end goal for many of these sites is to provide a fully 3D experience through virtual reality. This would involve taking two screens, layering them side by side and showing them via a headset. This is a pretty big leap at a time in which these devices are expensive and owned by the minority.

New online casinos, like those on this list of leading sites, need to find a niche that will make them unique. With so many sites out there offering the same deals, promotions and games it’s little wonder that users spend less time than ever on new sites. These casinos are often set up by budding business people, who have little to no understanding of the industry. This has brought about an era of unrivaled choice for the player but they need to sift through the poorer sites first.

Immersion is a hot issue for the casino world, as they look for ways to make their player feel more like they’re in the game than ever. The invention of live casino games really took this sector by storm, as they showed the action to players around the globe. These serve the same purpose as virtual reality, making players feel closer to the real casino experience than ever.

The escapism that comes with donning your VR headset is unparalleled, as you are transported into another world. To create an experience of this quality isn’t easy, though a few of these sites are attempting to do just that. VR does seem to be a technology that could really change how we live, work and play with casinos leading the force of the advancement.

There are affordable versions of these headsets that allow the user to experience the action without the price tag. These are used by placing a smartphone into a specially designed headset, which mimics a more pricy VR headset. This is ideal for casino users, as they most likely already have a compatible device and don’t need to spend money on a new one.

The future seems bright for these casinos, as any kind of innovation will be apt to bring in a new wave of players. For these sites, it’s all about looking for the next big thing and implementing it seamlessly, which is no small feat. Doing these things well is key, as no player will be interested in a half-hearted attempt. We’ve seen promising technology go this way in the past when it has been brought to market too soon and without enough support.

While we can’t predict exactly what will come to the casino industry next, it seems that 3D and VR technology will work hand in hand in the future. Sites that implement these quickly and well will most likely profit from it hugely, so watch this space.

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