AR Facts: 6 Incredible Ways Augmented Reality Will Change Our Lives In Future!

AR Facts: 6 Incredible Ways Augmented Reality Will Change Our Lives In Future!

Even if you haven’t heard the term Augmented Reality (AR) before, you have most probably come across the idea of it at some point. Augmented Reality is the use of technology to simulate a real-life situation in order to enhance an experience.

A business can showcase their virtual products using the technology of augmented reality, and can even provide demonstrations to their customers to give them a real experience. Apart from its business applications, AR is very likely to change our everyday life in the near future.

Here we’ve rounded up 6 of the possible uses of AR that people from every walk of life are likely to experience in your daily life in the future.

AR Facts: Buying Experience Will Be Enhanced

Online shopping has become a burgeoning business these days. Just about every big and small retailer has put their wares for sale online, whether it’s on a website or through social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

Some businesses might not even have an outlet store but operate solely through online marketing and sales.

Since the ability to shop from the comfort of our home and have items as well as services (such as spa services) delivered to our doorstep is so successful, it stands to reason that AR would be making the biggest impact in this sector.

Product visualization through AR would take online browsing and shopping to the next level. The primary concern that people have when they use the platform of online shopping is that they tend to find a product rather different once it arrives.

Imagine that you can actually try on clothes and shoes or fit them on your toddler before you place an order. Once consumers know exactly what they’re getting, their level of satisfaction will increase.

In the future, you would hopefully be able to see how a certain piece of decoration (such as some wall art) would look in your home before you purchase it. This would lead to less regret later on.

AR Facts: It Will Assist In Training and Learning

AR is the next step up from virtual reality which is already being used to train soldiers. Practices like hand-to-hand combat, discipline, and dealing with obstacles don’t always provide a real experience of a combating zone.

In a way, it tends to give a fake picture of a combating zone. Unlike virtual reality, soldiers training in an AR environment tends to experience a rather real situation of the battlefield than what they learn from virtual reality. Training in a shooting, deep-sea diving, parachuting, and several other experiences can also be achieved through AR technology.

In the academic world, medical students can use a body in an AR situation to learn and practice on. This eliminates the need for the desecration of actual cadavers. Similarly, students and trainees can also actually be put into an environment where they could apply, sharpen and learn their required skills.

The other areas of study such as engineering, rocket science, architecture astrophysics and artificial intelligence could also greatly benefit from learning the intricacies of machines, buildings, and several other things without wasting extra money.

So when you take help of a professional assignment service, you can also enhance the learning experience by using this new form of education.

AR Facts: Finding Your Favorite Items Become Easier

The world may be a global village. But the sheer choices of products and locations are getting bigger in number day by day. Your favorite supermarket may be just too huge for shopping and going around looking for a particular item could be an exhausting task. Not to mention, you also get waylaid and tempted by items you don’t need. Thus you end up spending more than you intended to or budgeted for.

AR just might come to the rescue here. It could give you directions to exactly where your needed groceries are, so you can put your head down and get straight to where you need to go.

This is just one of the many expected navigational uses of AR. This technology can also be used to find your way when you’re hiking in the outdoors, traveling in a foreign country, or simply needing to go anywhere you don’t know the way to.

AR Facts: It Will Be A Savior During An Emergency

AR has also some serious expectations to live up to. In cases of rescue operations which could mean anything from people trapped in a burning house to an earthquake to a hostage situation, using AR could mean the difference between life and death.

It is expected now that first responders to a dangerous situation would be given a detailed map with information about the affected area. This would provide them with valuable transparency to the incident that could help the search and rescue operators to do their job better.

The safety of construction workers is also something that AR can greatly help with. A company named Daqri has come up with a smart helmet that allows such workers to see and warn others of potentially dangerous circumstances as well as provides information about the construction itself.

AR Facts: It Will Be A New Form Of Entertainment

Some might remember the cartoon Jonny Quest, where the characters go into a virtual world to play games, have adventures, and risk their lives, all while sitting in one place. Augmented reality has made that kind of world not so far fetched. In fact, this kind of technology has begun to change the way we see the world even today.

One kind of AR that recently had the world going crazy was the famous Pokémon Go. This is the largest AR project to date, at least the one that was rolled out to the masses. AR headsets are also now an actual thing, such as Magic Leap and Microsoft Hololens, with scores of options for entertainment.

These entertainments could include interactive gaming and even movie viewing. This isn’t just going into a game and playing it; it’s actually turning your own environment into a game itself.

AR Facts: It Will Save Time and Effort

With online shopping, a lot of time may be saved. However, there are other, more important ways in which time can be hugely saved thanks to AR technology. For example, shopping for a house requires taking time off work, traveling to the desired location, and the touring the place. AR does away with all these problems. The life-like portrayal of the house for sale could be given to you right at home or work!

Alternatively, if you wish to remodel, renovate or simply move furniture around, AR technology could help you to see what the final result would look like before you even pay a cent in labor costs!

Matter port is one example of a three-dimension modeling company that has now taken advantage of AR systems. They allow their customers to actually walk into and tour the places they are considering to purchase, all without actually having to travel there. Architecture and construction are two other industries that would benefit greatly from conceptualizing their projects before any ground is broken or foundations laid.

There’s another bright spot here. Not only is AR going to save our time and effort, but it will hopefully also reduce our carbon footprint. The less traveling there is by bus, car, or train, the fewer fumes are emitted into the already unstable atmosphere of the modern world.

Wrapping Up…

All in all, augmented reality has great implications for our future everyday life. We should be mentally prepared to welcome this new technology, to learn about it and from it. The quality and experience of life could be greatly enhanced by augmented reality technology if we use it in the right manner.

AR Facts: 6 Incredible Ways Augmented Reality Will Change Our Lives In Future!