How to Drink Coffee the New Way

How to Drink Coffee the New Way

Are you like the millions of people across the world that absolutely needs coffee in the morning? Perhaps you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to prepare your own cup or have grown to hate the brew that the office you work at serves on a daily basis. The solution to your problems has arrived, introducing the newest trend, the Jiva Cube.

The Jiva Cubes

The Jiva Cube is the newest way to drink coffee. When placed in hot water the cube dissolves almost instantly and produces a fresh cup of joe. The quality of the Jiva Cube is what makes the product so successful. There are no artificial additives involved in the process of creating it.

The production of the Jiva Cube hit a snag as the nation began to tackle the growing obesity epidemic. Many people now look to curb their sugar consumption. The Jiva Cube had used sugar as a natural binder in order to hold the product together. Without sugar, the product is impossible to make. However, the company persevered and has now bounced back with a new product, Jiva Black. Jiva Black is similar to the Jiva Cube in that it dissolves directly into the hot water. The difference? It uses a very small amount of raw sugar, producing a lower calorie cup of coffee.

Benefits of Coffee

Utilizing the Jiva Cube has many benefits. It’s great for the avid hiker that enjoys a cup of coffee in the morning but refuses to carry around a bulky container full of instant powder. Now you can enjoy a cup of coffee on any adventure, regardless of where you have decided to go.

To me, coffee is a necessity. From the moment I pour the cup to the moment I finish it; it’s quite possibly the most therapeutic part of my day. Some people scold me, “It’s an addiction, and you’re reliant on it.” I say to them, “Who cares, this shit is good!” I’m thankful for the introduction of the Jiva Cube for it gives me the opportunity to satisfy my caffeine addiction anywhere at anytime.