Samsung SUHD TV: A Visually Captivating Experience | Gear Review

Among the top technology companies in the world and the leader in home entertainment for the past nine years is Samsung Electronics Co. Samsung has made great strides with their countless products that have contributed to the evolution of technology, making everyday life easier and more enjoyable for their consumers. Among Samsung’s top-ranking products are their smartphones, tablets, Blu-ray and smart players, cameras, and especially their televisions. The latest edition to the Samsung family is their Samsung SUHD Television.

This product offers the highest quality in UHD televisions. Its features give a top of the line viewing experience with its pristine contrast, vibrant colors and a whole new level of brightness that is sure to revolutionize the market. It offers viewers an entirely new experience with its unique curved design giving this form of entertainment a whole new look. With all new Smart TV functions, the SUHD, powered by Tizen, offers consumers the ease of personalization that they could only hope for in a television.

With the many different types of televisions that exist today, there are just as many different types of screen displays that help make each one unique. Samsung’s SUHD offers an unbelievable viewing experience through their unique and intelligently designed nano-crystal technology. This sophisticated form of technology gives the SUHD a crystal clear picture that no other television currently can. The SUHD operates as an eco-friendly product by properly distributing the brightness of images, thus decreasing the amount of power that most modern televisions use today, while generating a brighter picture.

In an effort to create and examine a better viewing experience on the SUHD TV, Samsung has partnered with the Fox Innovation Lab to digitally re-master some scenes from their latest Hollywood blockbuster film Exodus to be compatible with the SUHD TV.

Samsung has progressively been able to increase their success and advance their products in various markets. With their latest addition to the home entertainment industry, the SUHD offers consumers a unique design that can only be compared to a work of art coupled with the highest picture quality on the television market today. The Samsung SUHD TV is sure to give viewers an entirely new and improved viewing experience and revolutionize the home entertainment industry.