NEOS Overshoe: Boots That Go Over Your Shoes

Winter has finally arrived and not a moment too—late! Many states have already begun to experience their first snowfall of the season and that frigid cold weather moving closer to zero each day. With every season change, it becomes necessary for many to update their attire to withstand the weather conditions currently taking place. For some odd reason it seems as though most snow days fall on a workday, forcing many to have to navigate their way through the snow to work.

Wearing winter attire is always a project that involves time consuming efforts – adding extra tasks to your morning routine. Whether it’s an additional layer of socks, or a warm pair of leggings, or even a sweater to wear under your big heavy coat, getting dressed and undressed in the winter is always a chore. One of the most annoying parts of this process is putting on a thick pair of boots to keep your feet warm and dry while you travel through the snow. The worst part is having to wear them all day long while you work.

If you’re on your feet for long periods of time, it may be kind of annoying to have to drag  heavy boots around all day long. There is always the alternative of bringing another pair of shoes to change into after you arrive at your destination—but who wants to carry additional items with them through the snow? Well, now you don’t have to thanks to NEOS Overshoe.

NEOS Overshoe offers an assortment of various types of boots that are able to slip over your regular shoes or sneakers. These handy shoe-covers appear in the form of an actual boot and come in various types and sizes, made for the toughest weather conditions. NEOS Overshoes are offered in three different categories: insulated, non-insulated and their patented version known as STABILicers®, which are made to handle the worst weather conditions.

Their products are made of the highest quality of materials from nylon, polyurethane and polyester to offer their consumers protection from both water and cold weather. Their top of the line version, known as the STABILicers®, offers the unique feature of replaceable cleats on each boot, to prevent wear and tear and increase the longevity of the product.

NEOS Overshoe has truly helped to solve a common problem of inconvenience and protection from bad weather conditions that most boots cannot offer. Their products are of the highest quality and offer something for every consumer in need of a better form of footwear during the winter season.