Worry-Free Road Trips With GasBuddy

People have been enjoying tons of fun and addicting mobile applications these days, but a useful travel app, GasBuddy, could provide road travelers the cheapest gas and the most desirable road trips for spring 2015.

Want to hit the road with only a small budget? Buckle up, as the GasBudget app will help you plan your greatest spring break yet. Travelers can now access the app and check the rounded list of some of the most affordable road trips. Using the Trip Cost Calculator of this application, people can also locate the cheapest gas stations and some of the most pragmatic routes.

At this moment, the national average price for a gallon of gas in the U.S., as of February 25, 2015, is $2.32, more than a dollar cheaper compared to last February 25 of the previous year. Alison Mac, a GasBuddy petroleum analyst, said that for over six years, people have been wary of hitting the road with prices at $4 a gallon or up. However, despite the prices ticking up due to the changing of seasons, prices of gasoline are still a lot cheaper now compared to previous years. According to her, spring is the right time to wake up from winter’s hibernation and see some of the best places this country has to offer.

If you need a break from work, or need to feel the heat of the sun, don’t forget to consult this app for some of the best and affordable gas prices. According to the app, all routes are estimated to cost $200 or less for a mid-sized SUV. However, the best feature of this app is that you can also enter the car model you have in the Trip Cost Calculator to have a more defined and personalized cost.

With the GasBuddy, you can manage and anticipate the right amount of money needed for the drive. The app is easily downloadable using your smart phone, allowing travelers to invest a greater amount of money toward fun activities rather than the expenses of gasoline. Do yourself a favor and plan your travels and expenses ahead of time in order to avoid budget surprises during the road trip.