New Aluminum Ion Battery Is Revolutionary

The new aluminum ion battery, as seen at Stanford University, is making headlines because of its revolutionary charging time. Currently, researchers are saying that this battery can easily fully charge a smartphone in just one minute. This is an amazing advancement from all of the lithium-ion batteries and alkaline batteries that are use now.

New Aluminum Ion Battery Provides Faster Charging

There are many advantages to making the switch to the new aluminum ion batteries, including lower costs to the consumer, lower costs to make them, they won’t catch on fire or cause nearly as much pollution to our Earth when they are disposed of. There are many great things about this battery, but it does still have a ways to go before it will be ready for the market.

The results of all of the experiments, testing and prototyping of this new aluminum ion battery have been published in the Nature Journal so that the public can have access to this amazing information. This could very well also help to revolutionize the technology industry as we currently know it.

Hongjie Dai and the New Aluminum Ion Battery

Hongjie Dai is the chemistry Professor at Stanford University. He was able to create this amazing new aluminum battery along, as seen with his work at Stanford’s website, with the help of some of his colleagues. They figured out what so many others had not: the key elements necessary to get this kind of battery to work properly. With these new aluminum batteries, the Professor used an aluminum anode and a graphite cathode. The combination between the two was just right for getting the battery to work and charge effectively.

After further testing, these new aluminum ion batteries can easily be recharged over 7,000 times. That amount of durability is what will revolutionize the battery industry. Between this and its amazingly fast charging times, these batteries could very well replace all of the other batteries that we see on today’s market. This could very well include all of the different types of batteries that we know at the moment. Lithium-ion batteries are very sensitive to flammability, and both these and the alkaline batteries cause enormous amounts of pollutions in our landfills. It is to our advantage to make the switch.

New Aluminum Ion Battery Is Revolutionary - Clapway

TheFuture of Batteries: Aluminum Ion Batteries

The future of batteries looks very bright right now. There are so many advantages to switching over to this kind of battery that it seems almost silly not to. A very unique feature of this battery is that it is actually malleable, meaning you can change its shape. This allows for much greater usage when it comes to different applications.

These new aluminum ion batteries could very well end up replacing all of our current batteries. This would include tv remotes, computer batteries, smartphone batteries, the ones used for digital cameras and so many other devices. The idea is that they would be able to replace all of the different sizes that are currently on the market as well.

So, with all of these great advancements, why isn’t it going to be on the market for a while? Professor Hongjie Dai and his colleagues still have work to do. They are currently working on increasing the battery’s voltage capacity as that is its one major drawback. It is currently only capable of half of a lithium-ion battery’s voltage capacity. There is much anticipation to see what will happen with the prototypes of these amazing batteries in the near future.

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