Misfit’s New Workout App For Apple Watch

Exercise and staying in shape is something that many of us want to do alway, but many of us either don’t seem to have the time or an easy way to do so during travels. However, with the new Apple Watch, a great new workout app might be able to help you to get in the exercise you need.

Misfit, an activity tracker manufacturer, has just announced the launch of a workout app that to work with the new Apple Watch. It’s a Workout Coaching app. They are one of the first companies making wearable devices that has worked with the new Apple Watch, which has one of the biggest groups of users in this new market. This new workout app is called the Misfit Minute.

New Workout App For Apple Watch Has Multiple Settings

Misfit is known for its sleep trackers and smart bands. This new workout app, the Misfit Minute, is automated and has several useful settings for the person who has to travel all the time, and wants a way to get in a few minutes of exercise during the day. It can even work great for anyone traveling or on vacation, since it’s right there on their wrist (via their Apple Watch) and is simple to activate and use. When you get ready to do some quick exercising, just select an interval of 1, 4, or 7 minutes and it gives you some recommendations for a total body workout that includes a mix of exercises. The exercises will help the user to burn up excess calories, along with some strength-building activities.

None of these quick and easy workouts are the same and each one uses a variety of moves to target different parts of the body. You won’t get bored with your exercise routine while on vacation, on the road for work or whatever kind of travel keeps you on the go. You can even monitor your progress–keep track of calories, see an exercise timer, look at info from past workouts, etc.

Misfit Workout App for Google Watch Keep Users Motivated

The new MisFit Minute for Apple smartwatches will let users track their progress, which helps them to stay motivated and keep up with an exercise program even while they travel. Periodically, it even sends its users a few encouraging messages that act as pep talks and encourage them to keep it up, just like a real live coach would do if you had your own personal trainer instead of a workout app. Best of all, this new workout app for Apple Watch by Misfit is free for iOS 7 (or later) users!

A motivating video for the runners out traveling for business or pleasure–and a reminder :