Skyrocketing Popularity of Edible Marijuana Poses Challange to Law Enforcement

Police officers in states where marijuana is illegal are now facing a new hurdle in their attempts to confiscate the leafy green substance: the fact that it’s now widely available in other, more innocuous forms. The popularity of edible snacks made with pot has exploded in the past few months, partly due to the difficulty in distinguishing them from normal sweets. The edibles look like regular candy or cookies, and tend to lack the pungent smell of pure marijuana. They are often manufactured in states where marijuana consumption is legal, and transported across state lines to states where it is not. Police forces are bracing for the recent influx of “goodies” and preparing to stop vehicles transporting them.

Edible marijuana could be more dangerous.

Anti-marijuana groups believe that edible marijuana treats, which can take the form of anything from lollipops to brownies , are particularly dangerous to children who may consume them unknowingly. Indeed, such a case occurred in 2013, when eight children ate a pot snack and had to be rushed to the hospital. Another case took place the year after in San Diego. Opposition groups also state that it is much easier for anyone to overdose on edible marijuana, since its effects take a longer time to kick in. They posit that users frustrated by the lack of immediate results may keep taking more, which can cause a much more intense high and lead to complications.

Arrests involving edible marijuana are on an upward trend.

There has already been a spike in edible-related arrests. One such bust, worth hundreds of dollars, took place in San Antonio earlier this year. Another, on a much larger scale, happened in LaFollete, Tennessee. Twenty-four pounds of cookies and a tub of THC butter were found during a traffic stop in an SUV with three children in the backseat.
Despite many possible benefits stemming from marijuana legalization, it’s common sense to keep weed, especially in edible form, away from children. As these goodies increase in popularity, we as a society must ensure that steps are taken to keep them out of the wrong hands.