Rwanda: Lions in Rwanda Poised to Make a Comeback in the Region Thanks to Conservation Experts

Standing proud with their thick golden mane lions in Rwanda once ruled the landscape. After the genocide in Rwanda that started in 1994 the lion population was completely wiped out, along with the 500,000 – 1,000,000 people who died during the days horror preceding the start of the horrendous genocide. Now experts are reintroducing in lions in Rwanda, in the hopes that this species that once thrived can thrive once more in the place that they used to call home.

rwanda-skullsWhere are they going to put the lions?

As important as the decision to place lions in Rwanda again, is the decision where in the Rwanda to put the majestic lions. Experts tasked with choosing a place where the lions can being to repopulate have chosen to begin introducing lions the Akagera National Park. More specifically according to an update from the Rwanda Development Board, “On arrival in Akagera National Park, they will be placed in a specially constructed 1,000m² boma in the north of the park. Split into two separate enclosures, the perimeter features a 3 m. high, chain-linked electrified fence” a few weeks after their arrival, the veterinary teams gives the go ahead, the lions in Rwanda will be released from their carefully designed enclosure, free to begin their reign in Rwanda once more. Founded in 1934, Akagera National Park is located in North East Rwanda on the border of Tanzania, and is named after the massive river that flows through the park.


Special lions chosen to revitalize the lion population in Rwanda

Five female lions, and two male lions have been chosen to be placed in Rwanda by scientists who carefully deliberated before choosing the most suitable candidates, “In the prime of their lives, the lions have been selected based on future reproductive potential and their ability to contribute to social cohesion – young adults, sub-adult females, young adult males with different genetics – and associations such as adult female with sub-adult female and adult male coalitions” due the destruction of the previous lions in Rwanda, scientists and authorities are taking all precautions necessary to ensure that these lions stay safe, and reproduce. Lions in Rwanda face an arduous journey to get the population back to what it once was, but with a little help from experts the population of lions in Rwanda could soon be blossoming. lions-2


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