Mexico: Hundreds Evacuated as Mexican Volcano Continues to Erupt

A loud morning for some residents in small Mexican as villages, as clouds of ash and smoke shield the sun, and mandatory evacuations are in full effect. Hundreds have been moved from their homes for fear that the small eruption from an active Mexican volcano could escalate into a much larger event. An event which could endanger lives on a much larger scale.

Volcán de Colima could cause more problems than ever before

This is not the first time an evacuation has taken place around the Mexican volcano. In fact, the volcano has a history of being quite active. There has been an eruption of some sort nearly every year since 2001, one of the largest being in 2005 when explosions of lava landed as far as 3-4 kilometers from the site of the Mexican volcano.

According to NOAA advisory, regarding what is known about the volcano, so far, active lava flow can be seen coming from the volcano, and clouds of smoke have cause trouble for airports in the area.

Mexico: Hundreds Evacuated as Mexican Volcano Continues to Erupt - Clapway

How bad could things actually get if the eruption escalates?

The Mexican volcano experienced its largest eruption in 1913, which lasted for 4 days, and formed a crater 300 meters in depth. Experts show concern that the volcano is exhibiting many of the characteristics as it did when it erupted in 1913, but so far this eruption seems to be similar to the explosions it experiences on a regular basis.

Volcán de Colima is what is known as a stratovolcano, a type of volcano which is characteristically very dangerous. Stratovolcanoes are steep mountains of lava, which experience periodic very large explosive eruptions. Probably one of the most well-known stratovolcanoes in history is Mt. Vesuvius which completely leveled the ancient Roman city of Pompeii.

The Mexican volcano is experiencing a relatively small eruption for now, but as a precaution hundreds have been evacuated from the villages. Tension builds as the residence of nearby homes pray they are able to return to their homes soon, and that this eruption doesn’t harm any of their structures.Mexico- Hundreds Evacuated as Mexican Volcano Continues to Erupt

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