Camera Captured Aliens From Head to Toe; NASA is Silent

Camera Captured Aliens From Head to Toe; NASA is Silent Clapway

The McPherson tape. Was it a hoax or actually proof of aliens? Judging by the footage, it’s not quite clear. Some seem to believe it’s certain evidence we are not alone while others think it’s a well directed amateur film. Whatever the truth is, NASA has remained silent.


For those unaware of what the McPherson tape is, it’s a video that began circulating sometime in the 1990’s. It documented numerous grey aliens landing on rural property. Upon discovering the McPherson family celebrating a birthday party, the aliens approach the house. As seen in the film, the grey beings begin to surround the property as one member of the family takes aim with a rifle. A male adult is seen coming into the house holding a dead gray alien. From there, the film ends with grey aliens entering the house and the camera  dying. The situation is bizarre, to say the least, which has led it to climb the ranks of alien hoaxes.


The McPherson tape that most people see is most definitely a hoax. It’s proven that this was an obvious movie production complete with actors and even a small budget. What many people don’t know, however, is that this video was a remake of the real McPherson tape. The original tape came out of nowhere with only a small number of UFO researchers owning copies. The original is apparently so realistic, that even nonbelievers are confused how it could have been made up. Seeing as that video is not public, it looks like the rest of the world will remain  in the dark. This works out perfectly for NASA.


NASA has been lucky all too many times with alien conspiracies. Regardless of what evidence comes out, it seems NASA is able to dance around the subject without saying a word. So what is their secret to dodging bullets? It’s apparent they are not Neo from the Matrix but they do have quite a special power up their sleeves. When it comes to aliens, NASA’s biggest ally are citizen deniers. When supposed evidence is released, the deniers far outnumber the UFO believers making them look like lunatics. The theories are quickly buried and left for the legions of conspiracy theorists that not many seem to respect. Until evidence appears that is simply undeniable, the space agency will continue to keep us in the dark.