Top 10 Dark Secrets of Pokemon and Pikachu

Top 10 Dark Secrets of Pokemon and Pikachu Clapway

Pokemon Go is quickly taking over the world, captivating children and adults alike by collecting cute pocket monsters like Pikachu. While these rabid fans frolic about, they are unaware of the dark side that lies beneath the cheery exterior of the game. If this is news to you then take a seat and check these ten twisted secrets from the popular Nintendo creation,


The supposed myth of in Pokemon’s Lavender town first reared its ugly head a few years ago and has popped up throughout the internet from time to time since then. For those unfamiliar with the story, the creepy accusations started coming after the release of Pokemon Red and Green. Shortly after this release, a number of child suicides were reported in Japan. For a game that has Pikachu as its mascot, this dark news gets even worse.

Allegedly, the cause of these suicides was the song that plays whenever a player visits Lavender Town. Rumor has it that programmers for the Red and Green versions created the Lavender Town song with a special code. A code that would drive children to kill themselves using harmful frequencies. Seems like Pikachu is not so cute anymore.


While number 1 on our list is merely a myth, this one will surely shock you harder than Pikachu in a rainstorm. According to reports from 1997, an episode of Pokemon anime had a unique scene that caused seizures for hundreds of children. After viewing the episode, children vomited blood and lost consciousness.

According to the New York Times, the scene uses a technique called “Paka-Paka”. This popular Japanese technique uses colored lights that flash alternatively, causing a sense of tesnsion. As a result, this climactic event that set off the seizures of children. If something like this could happen in real life, these other dark secrets are possible.

Top 10 Dark Secrets of Pokemon and Pikachu Clapway3. POKEMON AND PIKACHU ARE SYMBOLS OF SATAN

Saying that Pokemon and Pikachu aims towards satanism is not the ramblings of some conservative southern Christian. Those words came directly from the mouth of Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri. In a rare interview, Tajiri admitted that the game represents an attack against his Christian parents. Additionally, he stated that the games inspire  Satanism. Next time you see that adorable Pikachu evolve into Raichu remember that the creator had Satan in mind.


Perhaps inspired by dark secret number three is this video for a demon Pikachu. Here in the video, we see the evil Pokemon murder Ash’s family in cold blood. There’s violence, there’s death and there is a family tragedy. This is not the Pokemon that we all grew up with. Gone are the cheery music and fun-loving lessons about life. Hence, this is the Pikachu of reality and it’s out to kill us all.


After seeing that evil Pikachu video from dark secret number 4, this next secret may not seem so mysterious. In March of 2016, creative design director for Pokemon died at the young age of 42. Eric Medalle was killed in Seattle when heavy winds caused a tree to fall on his car, ending his life in the process. Also in the car, Medalle’s young daughter escaped with minor injuries. Did the higher ups at Pokemon kill him? After all, we’re also talking about a company who may have caused children to commit suicide and experience intense seizures. Of course, we can blame the poor Seattle weather but that’s just what an evil Pikachu would want us all to think.

Medalle was heavily involved in several releases of the video game as well as contributed to art and logo designs for the collectible card came. Consequently, for someone who had a great deal of creative control over the franchise, it’s understandable that his job sought after. Just something to think about.


Watch this video. Tell me this is a healthy reaction to a measly Pokemon card. It’s not as if the boy won 70 million dollars or even found a real Pikachu in his house. Nope, he found a card. A simple, flimsy piece of thick paper. He may seem happy on the outside, but inside he’s troubled. The boy is a lunatic. He’s not alone either.

Children everywhere show similar reactions to Pokemon and it’s unhealthy. Pikachu is the closest thing to God these children have and it’s potentially ruining society. No one should lose their mind over something so trivial. As you can see, though, that is not the case. Where will it end? Will this trend only die off? With reactions like this, most likely not.


At the moment, Pokemon Go is only released in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand but it is growing at an incredible rate. Business has been praising the game due to people flocking to the street in droves. While there is some positivity to that statement, a darker side-effect emerges. With people wandering around with their heads stuffed in their iPhone’s, searching for Pikachu, they put themselves at risk.

Dashcam footage from a train clearly shows a man dressed in an Ash Ketchum hat lean into the oncoming train. Whether playing the game or not, this video shows a realistic scenario of what could happen. Be careful out there. Pikachu isn’t worth dying for.


In dark secret number 7, you were just warned about the dangers of Pokemon Go. Well, you didn’t listen. Just a few days after it’s release, the popular game has been causing car accidents everywhere. Exploding Twitter feeds show outrageous examples of people starting that their phone while driving and singlehandedly causing road accidents. One ballsy man had the nerve to reverse his car at a stoplight just to catch at Eevee. You’re witnessing it here folks. Augmented reality will kill us all. the last face you may see is a Pikachu. Terrifying isn’t it?


First of all, the creator of Pokemon has already admitted to creating the game to act out against his Chrisitan parents but religious leaders have a long list of problems besides that. In addition, one rambunctious preacher, Pikachu and others like it are demonic spirits and reclusive monsters. Additionally, they hide behind messages of well-being while tempting the minds of young Christians, turning them to the devil. Satoshi Tajiri may have been a bit angsty as a teenager but it’s unlikely he wanted to create a satanic religion. Whether it’s true or not, a dark light has been cast on the game that’s hard to ignore.

Top 10 Dark Secrets of Pokemon and Pikachu Clapway10. ARMED ROBBERS LURE YOU WITH PIKACHU

For fans of the anime series, you may remember Team Rocket. Team Rocket has a group of thieves that tried to catch Pikachu at every chance they get and trap his owner, Ash. Apparently, some real-life robbers have become inspired by Team Rocket. Using the new Pokemon Go game, robbers have been luring victims to isolated areas in Missouri. Team Rocket wants your Pikachu while these armed robbers want something different. The only difference between these guys and Team Rocket is that they don’t want your Squirtle. Using the geolocation feature, robbers anticipate the location of dimwitted victims and steal their hard-earned, dough.

For fans of the game, it’s important to stay aware. Charmander is everywhere and it’s not worth getting hurt over. Keep your wits about you and don’t fall victim to the dangers of Pokemon Go. This conversation is ridiculous but unfortunately, we must have it.