9 Must-Have Gadgets for Homeschooling Kids

9 Must-Have Gadgets for Homeschooling Kids Toyota Gives Kids a Lesson Clapway


Undeniably, technology has become an indispensable part of our life. Whether you are a professional or a student, technology can really make your life easier. Yes, even students can benefit a lot from the latest advances, especially the homeschooling kids. There are numerous gadgets available in the market, which are specially designed to aid learning. Kids can do pretty much everything using these gadgets, from reading books to working on a specific assignment or occasional projects. These gadgets allow students to access Google for research or build their aptitude and reasoning abilities through special apps.

What’s more? Gadgets not only aid academic learning but also help students in building specific skills and promoting their talent in dance, music or art etc. As such many home tutors in Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, basically all over the world are effectively integrating technology into education to get the best results from students. If you also want to use technology to make your child’s homeschooling easier, here are some great gadgets you should look for.

24. Kids - CLapwayTablet or an iPad

Tablets or iPads are great for homeschooling kids. These are great for on-the-go learning as they enable students to download and save all the required study material, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Having a tablet helps students get rid of the burden to carry heavy books everywhere they go. Tablets are not only great for delivering educational material but also helps in conducting online research for a project, watching educational videos or learning through interactive and playful applications. Tablets really make learning fun and easy.


It seems to be a crazy addition to the gadgets as a tablet or a smartphone can easily also do this task. But, a calculator may come in handy when you want to get your little munchkin to work on his math problems and also keep a check on his gaming. Simply take his tablet or smartphone away and hand over a calculator so that he is left with no choice but to quickly finish the task assigned. Moreover, as math gets deeper and complex, a simple calculator doesn’t suffice and students require a scientific calculator, which you won’t find on your tablet or smartphone. Plus, wasn’t a calculator the only gadget that got you through your high school?


Capture the perfect one! Creativities evolve at a young age. Keeping the camera as a gadget can pick someone’s interest effectively as who knows a 7-year child can enjoy clicking wildlife pictures. Moreover, students can make their childhood memorable with their innovative minds. Remember, the idea here is to inspire and encourage the skills of your children. A gadget like a camera gives a platform to the hidden talents of children and brings the out so that it can be polished and developed.

Chalkboard Contact Paper

Writing is often a challenge. But, with chalkboard contact paper, a child can try to put his or her great ideas and thoughts from the brain to it. It features an easy-peel liner and a stain-repelling surface that let no hassle to interrupt the writing skill of any child. With its reusable chalk, you can get a smooth surface to express your writing well. Decorate one of the walls of your kid’s room with a chalkboard contact paper and let your kid fill it with his thoughts and ideas. The chalkboard can also double as a planner for outlining daily and weekly schedule.

Basic school and art Supplies

Homeschooling kids require higher than a usual amount of school supplies like paper, pen, pencils etc. A healthy stock of these basic supplies helps complete assignments and projects on time. Apart from that, having a fair amount of art supplies is also important. Creativity is incredibly significant for children and one of the advantages of homeschooling is the ability to explore arts and crafts without budget or time constraints. Parents must encourage kids to splash their imaginative world on a page with colorful ideas. Equipping them with the necessary art supplies will definitely help.

9 Must-Have Gadgets for Homeschooling KidsAll-in-one printer

The printer is another useful gadget all the homeschooling kids must have. The gadget allows kids to easily print out school work, reference materials, and other important documents. It makes it more convenient to provide children with consumable pages to work on. Although tablets or laptops can be easily used to read and study, they also stress the eyes if your work on them for too long. As such having a hard copy of your notes and study material always comes in handy. The printer will enable you to keep a hard copy of your study material. While a regular printer will work just as well, an all-in-one printer with a copier and scanner can be totally worth the investment.

Google drive or Dropbox

Your kids won’t have to worry anymore about losing their project they worked on all night or other important data. Google Drive or a Dropbox is a great place to safely store useful data. Google drive becomes an insurance policy for students by backing up the work, docs, and photos, should anything happen to their computer or laptop. This is especially good if the device your kid works on has minimal storage. Google drive or dropbox enables kids to access their documents from anywhere and at any time with the help of internet. Google Drive also allows kids to share their work with their tutors or with friends.

Activity Tracker

The life of a homeschooled kid can become really sedentary as they miss out on the run for school, then hopping from one class to another, scheduled physical activity time, games, sports and much more. This can negatively affect their health and fitness. If you want to make sure that your kid is indulging in enough physical activity, an activity tracker can enable you to do so. Activity tracker helps monitor the daily activities from sleep, a number of steps walked; distance travelled, and calories burned etc. This allows you to gauge the fitness levels and optimize daily activities to meet fitness requirements. It also acts as a motivation to move for kids. There are endless options for an amazing activity tracker in the market. Even the most basic one will work for kids.

Interactive and Educational Apps

If your kid has a tablet or an iPad you can download numerous applications, which are specially designed to make learning fun and playful. There are applications related to literally every subject. Kids’ can even learn a new language, skill or develop their reasoning and aptitude. These e-learning applications help create interest among students to learn new things by taking away the dull and boring part of learning.

Let your child explore his or her potential in a small age with lots of fun! Parents must buy cool devices and great gadgets for their children according to the needs. From innovative games to take the fuss out of the study to the creative materials that are useful for everyone, the above-mentioned gadgets are helpful in providing a new level of fun and learning in a kid’s life. These gadgets will surely make homeschooling easy and convenient for your kids’.