Top 10 Secrets NASA Knows About UFO and Alien AI

Top 10 Secrets NASA Knows About UFO and Alien AI Clapway

Putting the argument of UFO existence aside, it should come as no surprise that NASA lies to the public. Their excuse is to protect secret projects from competing countries many many believe the intense classification has a deeper purpose.

Speculations of the space agency covering up UFO and alien evidence have been around for decades. A wealth of secrets that exist that many believe to be legitimate but here are the top ten.


In May of 2016, researchers at NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (NEO) found a near-Earth asteroid. Asteroid 2016 HO3 has a predicted size of 120 feet and smaller than 300 feet. Allegedly, the object poses no threat to planet Earth. The agency leaves their story at that however, alien hunters have another theory. According to them, this asteroid is an artificial UFO heading towards Earth with a destructive purpose. When this “asteroid” will collide with Earth is uncertain but some think it could happen in our lifetime. Meanwhile, the powers that be couldn’t care less.


On the eve of July 4th, 2016, some strange footage was captured in the sky above Malden, MA. A group of teens caught what appears to be alien communication on film. The high-quality video clearly shows English letters being spelled out much to the amazement of onlookers. The lack of any craft in the sky, however, has garnered the attention of UFO hunters. This feat is far more advanced for any “normal” plane to accomplish and with NASA silent on the matter, alien hunter’s suspect a conspiracy is upon us. Either that or this is genius marketing by the latest Independence Day sequel.


A Canadian woman named Lisa claims she is an alien hybrid. UFO researchers state that Lisa has a striking resemblance to that of a human-hybrid. Hybrids are often seen as the children of abductees who have  been in contact with aliens. As always, NASA denies any and all reports of abduction, suggesting a dishonest report.

Lisa states that her odd birth in 1974 describes her half-alien tendencies. Additionally, Lisa shows signs of telepathic communication and advanced intuition. Since then, others have come out supporting similar symptoms. As one can expect, some question Lisa’s mental health but she continues to baffle the minds of UFO skeptics with her odd behavior.

Top 10 Secrets NASA Knows About UFO and Alien AI Clapway4. NASA’S SECRET AIRFORCE

In 2010, Garry McKnnon accomplished the biggest military hack of all time. His efforts hoped to end secrecy in regards to UFO information. The hack uncovered a great deal of information but one particular finding stands out. Rumors exist in regards to the name of two ships in the transfer logs-the USSS LeMay and USSS Hillenkoettter. Usually, Navy ships have “SS” but these examples show a third. Alien researchers believe the third “s” stands for “space”. As in United States Space Ship. Of course, NASA has not replied in regards to this claim nor has the US military. That being said, this UFO evidence becomes one of the most substantial examples of a coverup.


When Neil Armstrong died in 2012, he took with him a historic NASA legacy but also, some dark alien secrets about the Apollo 11 mission. While on the moon, a mysterious two minutes of silence occurred during. The space agency reported a brief radio malfunction but according to Armstrong, they agency screened and then deleted his message. Armstrong’s report suggested signs of large alien structures lined up on the moon. Allegedly, these UFO’s watched the American astronauts. Armstrong stated that evidence exists but now with him dead, the government has taken full control of the rumors.

Usually, claims like this come from a less than reputable source. However, with Neil Armstrong being the face of a possible conspiracy, some credibility is brought to the issue. Hopefully, more high-profile names like this will take a stand in the future.


While the Hidden Valley Ranch recipe may always remain a secret, Mars a not so hidden valley of their own. An image taken at NASA’s “Hidden Valley” site has piqued the interest of many UFO hunters. The agency reported the site resembling a lakebed deposit but they failed to mention the alien structures found in the area. At least that’s what some UFO researchers seem to believe, yet the space agency has not commented on such a theory.


A few years  ago, Wikileaks released a set of important documents that offered up hints regarding alien sightings and UFO coverup within NASA. Unfortunately, these documents did not bring down any government agencies leaving the media to further deny the alien existence. Besides NASA, the articles found throughout the leaks link a number of high-profile world leaders to their admittance of extraterrestrial life


Two fired NASA officials are responsible for revealing one of the best-kept secrets of the US government. According to them, NASA has hidden evidence of alien construction on the Moon. As reported by a Russian newspaper, former employees Richard Hoagland and Ken Johnston uncovered the secret at a Washington conference. Photographs of UFO’s and alien structures do exist but the government put forth great efforts to edit them and remove any signs of alien life.

Hoagland even reported that the Apollo astronauts brought back physical evidence of extraterrestrial tech now seen in countries like the U.S., China, India, and Japan. UFO researchers speculate that these alien structures care the reason why NASA has not made any recent trips to the moon.

Top 10 Secrets NASA Knows About UFO and Alien AI Clapway9. UFO COVER: APOLLO 20 AND THE ALIEN GIRL

Mention Apollo 20 to NASA and it’s likely they will deny the project ever existed. UFO hunters, however, think that Apollo 20 was a top secret mission to the moon that NASA hid. In 2007, a Youtube user uploaded footage which of the alleged Apollo 20 mission back in August 1976. In the video, viewers can clearly see the ship’s cabin as well as a strange lunar alien city. Also in the cabin, a body resembles that of a young alien girl.

The government targeted the videos, taking them down soon after their release. Despite this UFO researchers are convinced that Apollo 20 did happen. Besides these videos, little evidence exists of Apollo 20 suggesting that NASA could have their hands tied up in another cover up.


This past year, the CIA made headlines by uploading a series of secret UFO files on its website. In response, candidate Hillary Clinton promised the world she would get to the bottom of these UFO files. The documents are indeed real and many believe they will help uncover the true of alien sightings from the 1940’s and 1950’s. Clinton even admitted that Earth may have been visited by UFO’s in the past. She then went on to say she will dig deeper into the goings on at Area 51.

UFO hunters seem to have a new friend in Hillary but it’s unlikely NASA will let her get anywhere near their “x-files“. The recent release shows an attempt to quiet the legions of conspiracy theories and prove the government has nothing to hide. Seeing as how these documents only cover a few years, who knows what valuable intel exists in government hands.